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Friday, September 17, 2010

The end of the maze!!

I saw a girl crying in the street,

strechd my hand to help her to her feet ,

she gave me a look so ful of sorrow,

pierced my heart straight like an arrow!

I wanted to help her out,

wanted to ask her what was it all about,

her eyes were screaming out loud,

my heart could hear it weeping without a sound!

Then from under her rags she drew out her hand

the sight was cruel i couldnt stand ,

in a thousand pieces her heart lay,

in a moments time my heartbeats were taken away!

But i had to lead her out of this maze ,

would hold her hand and walk through this blaze,

bring rhythm to her song ,

Give her a life worth living and happiness along ,

Taking her towards the end of the maze i had known

tough was life for her onto her the maze had grown,

Still in search of the end i walk on her side ,

looking at her face i manage a smile still dont know where my tears hide....

-----------Appy H. Purohit

A moment with thee !!

Of what brand shall i talk with thee

Of the one for which i wasted me ?

Lament had been written,

For the one indifferent be.

Life spent sprinting Running for free

Tired legs dont stop for me

Harder and harder they slog,

Dieing every thump a blur i see.

Ship sinking not for a fee

Capt'n calming just a mood of sea

Lighthouse blinking shouting breathe !

Caught in a wave, a legend could be.

Beating heart and arms in glee

O dear child of almighty,

Thought in mind did the trick

Learnt to walk in running spree !!

Of what brand shall i talk with thee,

I sit by the talking tree

Counting buds frm which flowers will grow

Ah i can see no further than thee !!

---------- Appy H Purohit.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The see saw of life !!

Joys and sorrows flow like a tide,
Behind a smile a tear hides
my crumbled soul is restless now
cant stand this, wants to quit any how !

Life is nothing but a travel
will have to walk come thorn or gravel,
Happiness will arrive hope is alive
I promise through this sorrow i will strive

After rain is sunshine bound to come ,
faith in GOD will reward you handsome
Give it a try dont be lame
And nothing in the world will ever be the same

times are good and times are bad,
he hasnt sent you here to be sad
So leave the tear behind and try to smile
Laughter is the worlds sweetest chime

This is the formula tested and tried
Joys and sorrows flow like a tide.......................

----------Appy H. Purohit

my mistake your lesson !!

An art of leaving is an art of living
GOD had sent me , the world wasnt watching
Eyes were closed and the small heart pounded
Didnt care for the world, my mother's lap i wanted,

Slowly i grew up and wondered what to do?
which path to pick and go whereto?
I wanted to be remembered as someone different
wanted to show my excellence , shine out brilliant

But became a commonman scared of the consequence
had to follow the protocols of life in the same sequence
Spent rather wasted my life not attaining my goal
will curse me till the end my beaten soul

Have realized now its not how you come but how u go
it lays in my heart what i wanted to show
So go out and show them the world is watching
An art of leaving is an art of living..............

-----------Appy H . Purohit

Moving on !!

It started when my favourite coffee mug broke
My heart weeped and almost suffered a stroke!
weeping and crying picked up the peices
Wondered, was this the first lesson that life teaches?

Well i wasnt a quick learner of my lesson
lost my watch , phone and girl whom to question?
was so upset considered this the end
But in HIS book my sorrow had to extend !

my sweetheart taken away and do nothing i could
was this the lesson that i just understood?
HE stole away everything except my values and virtue
Then i realised i was among his special few......

A castle of cards i had to make
Moving on was the bet with everything at stake
Learnt it late but learnt it well
HE empties it today and tommorow makes it swell

Long was forgotten my mug that shattered
Something more important in life now mattered
with just a little bit of faith keep moving ,
And your mug of happiness he will always be refilling !!!!!!!!!!

----------------Appy H. Purohit


A broken heart and a memory is all that i carry
walking alone leaving behind the sands of time
the thoughts make me feel worn out and dready
dull is my appearance ,only the tears shine

Shirked all responsibilities and escaped all duties
I am quitting , my task remains unfinished
if i ever had a conscience today it ceases
Running away like a coward my ego banished

my poem will never find a reader
my song will never find its voice
the voice lost in the woods , voice so dear
My hearts companion gone, only memories i rejoice

This is the first time i begun but couldn't end
The reason i leave for you to tell
Is this why u called me your best friend??
Misreable is life I see a long wait or a deep dry well!!

A million splendid stars!!

Million splendid stars shine above me
But yesterday i couldnt recognise one
Twinkling brightly so that i see
But because of someone I couldnt feel anyone

She was with me and i with her
I could feel the rush of gold in my veins
Each and every light had become a blur
Love was felt and yes, it pains

Those seemed to be the most beautiful moments
how will i ever forget those times
As if life lost grip when we held hands
The sounds seemed to be the most melodious chimes

Dont ask me how she looked
Coz i was enjoying to my hearts content
felt like sitting in heaven , gates locked
with an angel, fondling my hair, specially sent !!

---Appy h purohit

live laugh love !!

Run along , and catch up
slipping are sands of time
And kiss before thou shall leave
on the path divine !!

Love before love
may it be more
giveth , make hallow with love
giving mortal life galore

If that not ample
Give thine life
the next best gift of thee
giving vigour and `elan !!