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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Boy On The Side!

A bench under the window sill

Occupied by a boy rather timid

The sky so bright the lawns so vivid

The world outside, so much a thrill

They said he was different

Rather called differently able

A note lay on the teachers’ table

“Lost his hands, calm but valiant”

Parents killed, arms cut

Tried hard but the doc said sorry no luck

A life on bread makes his own buck

But a smile plastered to the face, struck.

A true fighter a survivor he was,

A student amidst all on the side bench

A thirst he was waiting to quench

Yet a smile, yes that silent applause!

Always mocked at but that didn’t matter,

A world of forgiveness no further to explore

Not a fist to clench therefore,

A smile out of the window sill to scatter!

-Appy H. Purohit(15/2/2011)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning to live !

Is learning to survive more important than learning to live?

Food for thought not more than a distant dream,

Distant loud cries no longer give-

What when sad sobs could silently scream.

A further mile when forced to walk

Let out a shriek when saw His kingdom

In battered ruins lies floating in the loch

Too withered too weak to enjoy the freedom

A life of his basic needs deprived

He lives without a complaint

A lamp in the distance lives on twigs dried

God’s creation, maybe the last saint

Will fight his way, he has hope

A feeling so strong, so full of bliss

A seed into a plant he will develop

To live, not to survive, will smile amidst

-Appy. H Purohit(26/1/2011)

A Perfect 10 !

To be perfect it doesn’t

Always have to be a ten,

Sometimes where you haven’t

Searched, is where you find Zen.

The farther I am from the horizon

The sun does not get any smaller.

It’s his mercy in the Warbler’s song

Every step in a direction, is nearer

To be perfect you lose the real

In that race for the ten,

It’s just a number not a meal

Ah, forgot to say Amen?

Any number can be a ten

What counts is smile that appears

On your mom’s face, just when

Proud eyes roll out tears...

-Appy H. Purohit (31/1/2011)


Wake up to a wishful morn

A sinful day to follow

Alas it’s a night again

But soon it will be dawn

Pull a jumper from the rack

I know it’s on the edges torn

But you shall need it

When the summer winds are gone

Just as the sun beckons to call

Morning air fills the den

A sip of coffee and all’s forgotten

Long lost seems the dawn

Work! Work! Work! Shouts the head

A devil seems to be born

The office walls usually so quiet

Now seem to take in no more

Parks are empty children gone

You wonder where it all passed

A sandpit, a swing, a life

For This was it forgone?

Keys rattle the door opens

See the four poster where you mourn

A night full of tears awaits

I see an angel beyond.

A tear blurs your eyes

Let it go beyond

Followed by another cry

Let it remain unborn!

-Appy H Purohit (03/02/2011)

A Life Truly Lived !

A pebble rolled in a leaf

Floating on muddy waters

The sun burning high in grief

Poor thing, overlooked in disbelief!

A slow tumble a calm rumble

The leaf began to open,

The pebble in a stutter, a fumble

Brown now, the leaf began to crumble.

Holding on to dear life,

Tormenting for the first time

A little pebble in strife

With the world, a heavy price

Bidding the charred leaf goodbye

It is lost in muddy waters

No longer does it fear a flare high,

Gone forever in the blink of an eye!

-Appy H. Purohit (6/2/2011)