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Friday, September 17, 2010

The end of the maze!!

I saw a girl crying in the street,

strechd my hand to help her to her feet ,

she gave me a look so ful of sorrow,

pierced my heart straight like an arrow!

I wanted to help her out,

wanted to ask her what was it all about,

her eyes were screaming out loud,

my heart could hear it weeping without a sound!

Then from under her rags she drew out her hand

the sight was cruel i couldnt stand ,

in a thousand pieces her heart lay,

in a moments time my heartbeats were taken away!

But i had to lead her out of this maze ,

would hold her hand and walk through this blaze,

bring rhythm to her song ,

Give her a life worth living and happiness along ,

Taking her towards the end of the maze i had known

tough was life for her onto her the maze had grown,

Still in search of the end i walk on her side ,

looking at her face i manage a smile still dont know where my tears hide....

-----------Appy H. Purohit

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