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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving on !!

It started when my favourite coffee mug broke
My heart weeped and almost suffered a stroke!
weeping and crying picked up the peices
Wondered, was this the first lesson that life teaches?

Well i wasnt a quick learner of my lesson
lost my watch , phone and girl whom to question?
was so upset considered this the end
But in HIS book my sorrow had to extend !

my sweetheart taken away and do nothing i could
was this the lesson that i just understood?
HE stole away everything except my values and virtue
Then i realised i was among his special few......

A castle of cards i had to make
Moving on was the bet with everything at stake
Learnt it late but learnt it well
HE empties it today and tommorow makes it swell

Long was forgotten my mug that shattered
Something more important in life now mattered
with just a little bit of faith keep moving ,
And your mug of happiness he will always be refilling !!!!!!!!!!

----------------Appy H. Purohit


  1. nice thoughts..you should always keep learning..i passed this phases. once you told me that what i have achieved ? i know it was out of anger, today i am CS & CO of Zaveri & co. group. and successful..what really matters is SELF-CONFIDENCE and not taking away what others says!! :) all the best for all your future endeavours..