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Friday, September 17, 2010

A moment with thee !!

Of what brand shall i talk with thee

Of the one for which i wasted me ?

Lament had been written,

For the one indifferent be.

Life spent sprinting Running for free

Tired legs dont stop for me

Harder and harder they slog,

Dieing every thump a blur i see.

Ship sinking not for a fee

Capt'n calming just a mood of sea

Lighthouse blinking shouting breathe !

Caught in a wave, a legend could be.

Beating heart and arms in glee

O dear child of almighty,

Thought in mind did the trick

Learnt to walk in running spree !!

Of what brand shall i talk with thee,

I sit by the talking tree

Counting buds frm which flowers will grow

Ah i can see no further than thee !!

---------- Appy H Purohit.


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