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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The see saw of life !!

Joys and sorrows flow like a tide,
Behind a smile a tear hides
my crumbled soul is restless now
cant stand this, wants to quit any how !

Life is nothing but a travel
will have to walk come thorn or gravel,
Happiness will arrive hope is alive
I promise through this sorrow i will strive

After rain is sunshine bound to come ,
faith in GOD will reward you handsome
Give it a try dont be lame
And nothing in the world will ever be the same

times are good and times are bad,
he hasnt sent you here to be sad
So leave the tear behind and try to smile
Laughter is the worlds sweetest chime

This is the formula tested and tried
Joys and sorrows flow like a tide.......................

----------Appy H. Purohit

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