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Thursday, June 17, 2010

my mistake your lesson !!

An art of leaving is an art of living
GOD had sent me , the world wasnt watching
Eyes were closed and the small heart pounded
Didnt care for the world, my mother's lap i wanted,

Slowly i grew up and wondered what to do?
which path to pick and go whereto?
I wanted to be remembered as someone different
wanted to show my excellence , shine out brilliant

But became a commonman scared of the consequence
had to follow the protocols of life in the same sequence
Spent rather wasted my life not attaining my goal
will curse me till the end my beaten soul

Have realized now its not how you come but how u go
it lays in my heart what i wanted to show
So go out and show them the world is watching
An art of leaving is an art of living..............

-----------Appy H . Purohit

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